Comments from customers who have bought from previous exhibitions and privately.

Balspindie eddy
“Simon has an extraordinary artistic eye. His photographs of water and the interplay of light, in the Cape mountains, have a quality of other-worldliness that continue to engage me in surprising ways months after my first viewing. ”

— Dr Rolfe Eberhard
[Bought Balspindie Eddy on Water Light 2015]

Fiery water
"Simon, just to say that I'm deriving so much pleasure from my (now framed) 'fiery water' — for many reasons, not least your painterly eye, as well as a certain poetic feel for the interplay of light, water and natural forms. In large measure though, I think what draws me back and back to it, is that your work is simultaneously sensuous and abstract — you're capturing that tension in a deeply interesting way."

—Max Cullinan, clinical psychologist
[Photograph gifted]

Window stream
“I bought Window Stream 5 at the 2015 Water Light exhibition, and had it framed with natural kiaat wood by Wessel Snyman. The mountain water reflections with sandstone decorating the bottom of the pool create a slightly mystical, but pleasing, effect. I find the print restful and inspiring, and it transports me to a quiet place on the mountain. Several friends and colleagues have remarked on the tranquillity of the picture and the soft and varied colours that the photographer has captured. The bottom line is that these photos grow on you and you never get tired of them!”

—Prof Ed Sturrock, Medical Biochemistry, UCT
[Bought Window Stream 5 on Water Light 2015]

“I am a water enthusiast, a lover of water you might say. Water is magical to me. Simon's photo captures this magic and I just love that it can be in my home. I cannot wait to see how he has captured the magic in his new exhibition.”

—Jared Kruger
[Bought Victoria 1 in 2016]

Balspindie eddy
I love the movement and energy in this uplifting photograph [Balspindie Eddy]. Though I live in a dry province many miles from the Cape waters now, I’m reminded of the ever-constant flow and beauty of all living things whenever I look at it.

—Caroline Smith, Johannesburg, South Africa
[Bought Balspindie Eddy in 2016]

Hely hutchinson
“Simon’s work Hely-Hutchinson is meditative; I am drawn into the artwork every time I look at it. It is abstract, but has depth and a story. It is familiar but also mysterious. It has the pulsating colour and spirituality of a Mark Rothko painting, but is more than a painted surface, it is in and part of nature, somewhere. Simon’s photographs/artworks bear testimony of his ability to truly see, finding and creating beautiful compositions of line, pattern, colour, texture and form from nature. But the works transcend their formal qualities. The photographer Ansel Adams wrote:” How high your awareness level is determines how much meaning you get from your world”. Simon’s deep awareness and his ability to find and capture beautiful “moments” in nature, framing them for us, open up new worlds that would otherwise be missed/lost.”

—Anita Klingenberg, artist
[Bought Hely Hutchinson 1 on Water Light 2015]

Junction pool rapid
“I brought your print to the framer this afternoon. Quite a few customers in the shop admired the work and asked me who did it. Just wanted to let you know, the piece got very favorable reviews. Unfortunately, I will be spending yet another $200 to get the work framed properly which will include what they refer to as "museum glass." and is a bit on the high end, but it does wonders for the vibrant colors. I explained to the framer that you and I will be experimenting with using glass and transparencies as a way to exhibit your work. She seemed quite taken with the idea.”

—David H. Donaldson, art collector, Albuquerque, USA
[Bought Junction Pool Rapid 2 2014]


“I have had a water photograph of Simon's on my wall for years, and my eye returns to it frequently to enjoy the interplay of light and colour, of movement in the stillness. Visitors invariably comment, at first thinking it is an abstract painting. One friend has asked me to leave it to him in my will. Thank you Simon for your attention to a world we so often pass by without seeing.”

—Dr Dawn Garisch – medical doctor and writer
[Bought Firebird in 2014]

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